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Integration of all the involved and interested in the concept of nanotechnology, including: entrepreneurs, scientists, science and technology parks, science centres, scientific associations, self-government authorities, government and other agencies in Poland. We are also focused on the internationalisation of activities in the international arena. Our mission is also the creation of a forum for exchange of opinions on the importance of nanotechnology for innovative economy


Creating a think-tank supporting the development of nanotechnology in Poland in cooperation with industry, science, government and self-government authorities, and setting objectives of further development in consultation with representatives of various economic sectors.


Over the years, Nanonet has been creating a network of contacts.
We cooperate with experts in various fields. The advisory body of the Foundation is the Scientific Council made up of specialists from across Poland who deal with Key Enabling Technologies (which have a very significant impact on the competitiveness of the European economy). We cooperate with the owners and chairmen of numerous technology companies, as well as nanobiotechnology and technology parks.
Our team is constantly supported by lawyers, ethicists, politicians, investors, patent attorneys, and experts on fund raising.


Przekaż 1% podatku

Thanks to their verve and passion volunteers of the NANONET Foundation create a unique organization which has became a source of reliable information enabling us to discover the nanoworld. In 2011 Foundation of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Support NANONET started to be recognised as the Public Benefit Organization. We request to spread information about our Foundation among your co-workers and other people who are in favour of organisations supporting Polish science, and to donate 1 % of the tax to the NANONET Foundation.

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