Webinarium "Toxicity Mitigation of Nanomaterials used in Inks and Pigments using novel Surface Modification Strategies"

NanoMICEX, jeden z projektów NIA (Nanotechnology Industries Association), rozpoczyna serię webinarów rozpowszechniających ich osiągnięcia. Pierwsze webinarium odbędzie się 27.02.2015 o 11:00 i będzie dotyczyło toksyczności nanomateriałów. Poniżej znajdą Państwo szczegóły dot. powyższego wydarzenia.

Title: Toxicity Mitigation of Nanomaterials used in Inks and Pigments using novel Surface Modification Strategies (webinar)

When: 27 Feb 2015, 11:00 CET

Where: Online (webinar)

Description: There are several parameters including size, shape, chemical nature, and surface chemistry that define the toxicity of nanomaterials (NMs). As one of the bottlenecks of nanotechnology, the uniform preparation of nanomaterials, especially at large scales, is not possible; a variety of sizes and shapes of NMs are present in the final product.

Altering the surface chemistry of NMs with a biocompatible ligand may help to reduce their possible adverse effects. However, while undertaking such a task, several parameters should be considered when they are to be used in inks and pigments: these are biocompatibility, compatibility with NMs’ properties, stability in ink or pigment formulations, processability, chemical suitability, cost and applicability.

In this webinar, a number of strategies employed in the NanoMICEX project to qualify for all these parameters are presented. Nanomaterials selected by the project for analysis included ZnO NPs, quantum dots (QDs), and silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), and were coated with a range of surface modifiers with biological origin including carbohydrates, peptides, proteins and oligonucleotides with the aim of reducing their toxicity, and their initial cytotoxicity and stability in the formulations were assessed.

Registration for this webinar is free, but spaces are limited and offered on a first-come first-served basis. Register your interest today by emailing the NanoMICEX team.


Since 2012, the NanoMICEX project has been investigating ways to mitigate the risk and control workers’ exposure to nanomaterials used in the inks and pigments industry. The project is nearing completion, and it is keen to share its knowledge with industrial stakeholders, scientists and policy-makers on how it has mitigated risks commonly faced in the sector.

This webinar on toxicity mitigation of nanomaterials used in the sector using novel surface modification strategies is the first of three webinars by the project. Two further webinars will be held, on Exposure Assessment and PPE, in March 2015 – email the NanoMICEX team to register your interest for these two webinars.

NanoMICEX is an acronym for “Mitigation of Risk and Control of Exposure in Nanotechnology-based Inks and Pigments”. It is funded by the EC’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) programme, under G.A. n. 280713. Follow this link to visit the project website.